Accessible Media Producers FAQs (para espaƱol)

What is an Accessible Media Producer (AMP)?

AMPs are individuals, companies or agencies that create fully accessible, student-ready formats, such as braille, large print, DAISY text, DAISY audio, or other formats. A NIMAC Authorized User (AU) may contract with an AMP to produce the needed specialized format, and assign the file in the NIMAC for the AMP to download. All contractual arrangements between educational agencies and AMPs take place outside the NIMAC.

What’s the difference between a conversion house and an AMP?

Conversion houses are companies that produce NIMAS files for publishers, and submit those files to the NIMAC. AMPs then take NIMAS source files and produce student-ready formats. While some organizations may provide the services of both an AMP and a conversion house, most are one or the other.

Why do AMPs register with the NIMAC?

More efficiency and convenience for all involved. If an AMP is registered with the NIMAC and has arranged to produce a specialized format for an Authorized User, the AU can assign the file to the AMP in the NIMAC. This allows the AMP to directly download and begin working on the file. This option eliminates the delay involved if an AU had to download the file, burn it to CD or DVD, and then mail it or otherwise deliver it to their chosen AMP.

Is there any cost to register?

No. Registering with the NIMAC is free and entirely voluntary.

Does the NIMAC rank AMPs or provide other evaluations of their quality?

No. NIMAC does not guarantee, evaluate or endorse any AMP who registers. All business arrangements between Authorized Users and AMPs are outside the NIMAC. Authorized Users should vet unfamiliar AMPs before assigning files, to ensure that the AMP meets the requirements for the job.

Do AMPs have access to all the files in the NIMAC repository?

No. AMPs can only download files assigned to them by Authorized Users of the NIMAC. If you are a non-profit or government agency that routinely needs to access the NIMAC on behalf of a specific state, an Authorized User account may be a better fit for you. Contact us for more information.

How will I know if I have been assigned files for download?

When an Authorized User assigns you a file, the system will automatically send you a notification email. This email will include information about the file that was assigned, the Authorized User who assigned it, and the format they are requesting.

I am having difficulty getting a NIMAS file to work in my conversion software. Where can I get help?

The NIMAC is happy to assist with troubleshooting a file that is not converting or rendering correctly in your software. Just contact us at nimac[at] or by phone at 877-526-4622. We can sometimes find a work-around when a given program is unable to work with certain files (for example, software that does not support MathML). In cases where we are not able to determine the source of the issue, or when the issue resides in the software and no work-around can be found, we may have to refer you back to the software manufacturer, or to CAST, for further help.

I have questions about the NIMAS specification. Where should I go?

For assistance with technical questions about the specification, please contact Cynthia Curry at the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials. Her email address is ccurry[at]

What about issues of payment for work, timely delivery, and quality?

As an AMP, any contractual relationship to perform work on behalf of an Authorized User is directly between you and the Authorized User. These relationships are outside the NIMAC, and the NIMAC itself is not involved in any way in these negotiations.