Registering as an Accessible Media Producer

If you or your agency does work converting NIMAS into accessible formats for use by students, we invite you to register for an accessible media producer (AMP) account with the NIMAC. While Authorized Users of the NIMAC must be designated by the State Coordinator, AMP accounts are available to anyone who wishes to register. However, AMP accounts are more limited, as AMPs can only download files assigned to them by an Authorized User.

All Accessible Media Producers that register with the NIMAC must submit a Limitation of Use Agreement. This document is emailed to the new user as a part of the registration process.

Registering as an AMP with the NIMAC is free. Contact us to get started.


NIMAC Training for Accessible Media Producers – Spring 2022

This training covers all aspects of the NIMAC AMP account, including searching, downloading, and using the Watchlist.

You can also download the Powerpoint to keep for future reference!

Working in the NIMAC System

Resources for Working with NIMAS

AMP Updates

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