Authorized Users FAQ (para español)

What are Authorized Users?

Authorized Users (AUs) are users that have been designated by a State Coordinator to have direct access to the NIMAC. They can either download NIMAS file sets themselves, or assign NIMAS file sets for download by NIMAC-registered Accessible Media Producers (AMPs). Please note that NIMAS source files require conversion before use in the classroom. These files are not distributed directly to students. If you are not involved in the work of creating accessible formats, but need materials for a student, please contact us for help.

How do I become an Authorized User?

If you need routine access to search and download files, or to assign files to AMPs, contact your SC to request an AU account. (A list of SCs can be found here: State Coordinators.)

To create the account, the SC logs into the NIMAC and enters the registration information for the new AU. Note: To enter the registration, the SC will need to know your name, title, organization, address, email and phone number.

When the registration is submitted, the AU automatically receives the NIMAC Limitation of Use Agreement (LUA) by email.

Just initial each page, fill out the AU section at the end (section 13.0 and, if applicable, 13.1)
and return the document to us.

If you can provide an authenticated digital signature (i.e. Adobe Digital Signature or DocuSign), you are welcome to complete the LUA electronically.

If you cannot provide an authenticated digital signature, you can send us an email of the scanned document. Or, if you prefer to mail a hard copy, please send it to:

National Instructional Materials Access Center
1839 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206-0085

Once we receive your LUA, we can activate your account and you will receive a user ID and password information in two automated emails.

You can then log in to the NIMAC, search and download files, or assign files to an Accessible Media Producer (AMP).

How do AMPs access files through the NIMAC?

AMPs with NIMAC accounts have access to download files assigned to them by any Authorized User. When an AU is logged into the system, he or she can download files directly, or assign files for download to a registered AMP. The AMP is notified by email that the file has been assigned, and can then log in and download the file.

How much do NIMAC files cost?

There is no charge to set up an account with the NIMAC or to download files.

How do I select between NIMAC AMPs?

Authorized Users should use the same criteria as in the past for selecting the most appropriate AMP for a given project. NIMAC is not involved in any way in the business arrangements between AMPs and AUs. Registration with the NIMAC does not constitute an endorsement of the AMP by the NIMAC. Before assigning files to an AMP, you will want to undertake any necessary business arrangements, including cost determination, timeline, etc.

Agency and contact information for all registered AMPs is available to Authorized Users by logging into the system, clicking the Report tab, and choosing AMPs by Format. Or, you can scroll through all agencies by clicking the Contact Information tab and choosing the AMPs option.

What if my favorite AMP is not registered with the NIMAC?

If you’d like your AMP to be able to download NIMAC files directly, you can contact the AMP and invite them to register with NIMAC. Our AMP accounts are provided free of charge as a convenience to AUs. However, you are also welcome to download the file and and deliver it to your AMP on a CD, DVD or through other means.

Can NIMAS be downloaded and handed directly to students for use in the classroom?

No. NIMAS files are source files and are not student-ready. They require conversion into a fully-accessible format before distribution to students.

How is NIMAS turned into accessible formats for use by students?

Most accessible media production from NIMAS is done by organizations or individuals who specialize in this work. If you yourself are an accessible media producer that is new to working with NIMAS, the National Center on AEM at CAST provides technical assistance on working with NIMAS. You can contact them directly at (781) 245-2212 or aem[at]

I’m having difficulty working with a file. Can you help?

The NIMAC is happy to assist with troubleshooting a file that is not converting or rendering correctly in your software. Just contact us at nimac[at] or by phone at 877-526-4622. If a problem exists with the file itself, we can and will require the publisher to correct the problem for you. When the problem resides in the software, we can sometimes find a work-around for you (for example, if your software does not support MathML).

In cases where we are not able to determine the source of the issue, or when the issue resides in the software and no work-around can be found, we may have to refer you back to the software manufacturer, or to CAST, for further help.

I can’t find the file I need in the NIMAC. Can I request the file?

If you’re unable to locate a file that you need, please feel free to contact the NIMAC at nimac[at] or by phone at 877-526-4622. Although the print book adoption contract or purchase agreement is the only way to require NIMAS from a publisher, some publishers will produce NIMAS on request if this did not happen. The NIMAC can also sometimes expedite NIMAS for textbooks that have just been published. In cases where we’re not able to obtain NIMAS, we may be able to direct you to other avenues for assistance.