Resources for working with NIMAS


MathML is an XML language that is used to make mathematical expressions and scientific notation accessible. It is optional for NIMAS, however the US Department of Education has strongly encouraged SEAs and LEAs to require MathML when they include NIMAS language in their print book adoption contracts.

Have questions about MathML? Visit our MathML Resources page or email us at nimac[at] for more assistance. We are happy to help!

The “No MathML” Download Option

This short video provides a very brief introduction to MathML and explains how to download files from the NIMAC without MathML if your software is unable to use this code.

You can also download the Powerpoint (available in English or Spanish) to keep for future reference!

Tools for Working with NIMAS

NIMAS requires conversion before use by students. AMPs use a variety of commercial and proprietary software to produce accessible formats using NIMAS source files.

Braille Translation Software

In the first half of 2022, the NIMAC was pleased to offer two free online courses to support braille transcribers who work with NIMAS files. These courses are archived here.

Braille2000 is a “comprehensive tool for producing braille.” Their website offers support documentation as well as a training video library.

BrailleBlaster is a free braille transcription program that works directly with NIMAS files to produce braille books.

You can find several introductory training videos for BrailleBlaster linked below. All of the training videos include Spanish subtitles.

Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) “supports over 170 languages in either uncontracted or contracted…braille.” Duxbury NimPro “prepares NIMAS documents (and all DAISY format documents) for braille translation by DBT.”

Other Tools

Techadapt retired its website in 2021 and the Techadapt Accessible Media Center software is no longer posted for download. If you are in need of software to convert NIMAS into RTF or DAISY, please contact the NIMAC for further assistance.