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Submitting NIMAS files to the NIMAC

Under IDEA 2004, publishers of K-12 instructional materials are required to produce and submit NIMAS files to the NIMAC when customers include this requirement in the language of their print book purchase agreements and adoption contracts. Customers could begin requiring NIMAS in their contracts as of July 19, 2006. Publishers are also welcome to submit NIMAS files to the NIMAC voluntarily or in anticipation of such contracts.

Customers can require NIMAS for “printed textbooks and related printed core materials” which are:

  • 1) Written and published primarily for use in elementary and secondary school instruction, and
  • 2) Required by a state educational agency or local educational agency for use by students in the classroom.

It is important to note that this definition does exclude some materials that are used in K-12 instruction, such as teacher editions, most trade books, and instructional materials published only in digital formats.

NIMAS Format

The NIMAS format is a subset of DAISY, and valid NIMAS is the only format that the NIMAC can receive. We cannot accept PDF, Word, or any other XML file formats. The National Center for AEM at CAST provides technical assistance to publishers and conversion vendors regarding the specification and preparing NIMAS files. More information can be found on their NIMAS Specification and Creating NIMAS pages.

Conversion Vendors

Because NIMAS is not produced as a part of print book production workflows, virtually all publishers that submit files to NIMAC outsource this work to conversion vendors. While the NIMAC does not endorse specific vendors, we are happy to provide publishers with a list of vendors that have submitted files within the past year. Contact us for more information. CAST also provides a self-listing page for Digital Conversion Vendors who are looking to provide services to publishers.

Publisher Accounts

The NIMAC registers publishers and provides accounts so they can submit files to the system, create additional accounts for conversion vendors or others at the company, and manage their inventory.

Please note that new publishers are required to submit a sample NIMAS file set for preliminary review by NIMAC staff before the new account is activated. This requirement can sometimes be waived if you are using an experienced conversion vendor. Please contact NIMAC for more information.

Registration for Publishers

To register, send an email with all the following information to NIMAC@aph.org:

Company Name
Web site address
Mailing address
Telephone number for company
Fax number (if available)
Contact person’s name
Contact person’s job title
Mailing address
Email address
Contact person’s phone number



Please visit our Resources Page for help with file submission, NIMAS best practices, sample files and other guides.