Producing NIMAS Files

If you are a publisher who needs to locate a NIMAS conversion vendor, the NIMAC provides a free, self-listing page for companies that specialize in digital content conversion services:

The three essential references for creating NIMAS files:

Additional Metadata Resources:

More Resources for Preparing NIMAS:

NIMAS Basics:

Best Practices for Creating NIMAS

This two-part webinar series (March 2021) highlights best practices for creating NIMAS file sets and explores the challenges unique to creating NIMAS for born-digital educational materials.

Creating NIMAS I: Best Practices & Avoiding Common Problems

You can also download the Powerpoint (available in English or Spanish) to keep for future reference!


Creating NIMAS II: The NOI and Digital Instructional Materials

You can also download the Powerpoints for the Notice of Interpretation (available in English or Spanish) and the NIMAC Exemplar for Digital Instructional Materials (available in English or Spanish) to keep for future reference!


Best Practices for Creating Tables of Contents

Utilizing examples from the DAISY Structure Guidelines, this short video goes over the correct XML formatting for NIMAS TOC.